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Available Dogs

Click on the photo for more info on each Available Dog. All dogs will be spayed or neutered if not already. Read each bio very carefully, as not every rescue dog is suited for every home. If you feel that a certain dog is a good match for you and your lifestyle, then complete our online application, and select your pet’s name from the drop-down menu in the section, “Name of Pet You Are Applying For.”

Our adoption fees offset only a portion of the veterinary expenses for the dogs in LGAR. Our Available Dogs page is updated weekly, so check back often!

Once we receive 5 applications for a dog, we stop collecting applications for that dog, so if you see a great fit for your family in this week’s “Sneak Peek” list, please watch for the next weekly update for their available picture so you don’t miss out!

If you experience any problems completing the application or you do not receive an auto confirmation for your application, please contact LGAR at

Remember, we do transport, so if a dog is at a distance from you, don’t be afraid to apply!

Available Dogs

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We’re NOT available yet but we will be soon!

In the meantime, check out our foster page to see if we might be a good match!

* to be posted when medically cleared.