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Critical Care Fund/Sponsor an Animal

As an all-volunteer nonprofit, the resource constraints can be overwhelming; the lifeblood of our organization are our foster homes and other volunteers who work tirelessly to give each animal in their care the love and attention they have for so long forgone. Yet we struggle as there are so many more we would like to save but cannot because of the potential cost associated with their medical and/or behavioral treatment.

By becoming an LGAR sponsor, you will allow us to defray some of these costs giving us the opportunity to rescue more of the sick, abused and neglected animals—the most unwanted of the unwanted—that find themselves languishing within the shelter system. Many of these animals would not make it out of the shelters alive given the financial burdens their medical ailments would place on a would-be adopter. With your help we can continue to fulfill our mission for the many abandoned animals who sit in wait for their new life to begin.

100% of all donations made here go straight to our special needs dogs as they fight for life.

Please, won’t you become a Sponsor today and help make the difference in the life of a dog in need?.