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You work hard for your money and we understand that you want to be sure that when you choose to donate it to a charity, that they are being good stewards of your generosity. By choosing to make a donation to LGAR you immediately become a vital part of the fight against animal suffering and needless killing in our shelter systems. We have a number of giving programs, some of which ensure that LGAR special needs dogs receive 100% of every single penny donated through their Sponsorship Profile.


  • Grand Total - $151,368

We only utilize volunteers and do not have paid staff which enables us to remain low cost. As such, the vast majority of funds generated through adoption fees, donations, grants and other awards will go towards either caring for the animals in our charge or enhancing and expanding the organization’s operations such that we can care for more animals in need. Every single penny allows us to continue the work that we do locally, and across the country. Our promise to you is that we will take a conservative approach on finances to keep the overhead as low as possible with the aim of keeping our administrative costs to less than 10% of our operating budget. We want you to be confident when you give to LGAR that every dollar is going as far as it possibly can to save more lives and help animals in need.

LGAR is merely the conduit, the bridge if you will, that attempts to connect the hopeless with the hopeful; providing the necessary medical care to heal a broken animal while they recover in a foster home and learn how to trust again such that they can become a loving, healthy companion for a future adopter.

Said another way….Without YOU we do not exist, it’s just that simple!

We are grateful for all of the support.

The Board Giving Program - Walking the Talk
Because board of director service implies a commitment of the board member’s skills, time, talent and treasure, it is accepted that all board members will make financial contributions to LGAR. Specifically, each member of the board shall make an annual cash donation to the organization. Board members will be expected to give to the best of their means, at a level they would consider generous. This is a matter of the credibility that comes with walking our talk, and not asking someone to do something we have not done ourselves.

LGAR is committed to fiscal responsibility and financial transparency. View our nonprofit financial information:

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