About Us Who We Are

The Long Explanation:

How do YOU define rescue? This is a personal definition, one that every person we encounter may have a different answer for. What is shared across all viewpoints however is that animals in need of rescue, true rescue, are often those that are not “easily adoptable”, at least not in their current state.

These are the animals that we believe are in true need. They could be sitting in a shelter, withheld from public view because they are sick, injured or behaviorally challenged; they may be tied up on a chain, starved of both food and love, thirsty and otherwise broken; they may be in a puppy mill, deformed, matted and otherwise exploited.

These are but a few examples but the commonality is painfully clear – they are in the shadows, the “seen but not seen”, with stories that we all too soon would like to forget…but WE can’t. WE won’t. These are the animals whose voices, so long ago taken, are so desperately in need of being heard.

How do WE define rescue? We do not discriminate. For us, the essence of rescue looks past things like, “he/she is too old”, “too sick”, “to psychologically damaged”. In a perfect world, there are no “parameters” limiting who is in and who is out. It should only be about NEED. But unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. Sadly, there are restricting factors that we face, all rescues face, and those are of “resources” – volunteer care-givers and money. So, while we will not constrain ourselves to only a certain kind of animal, we would be negligent if we didn’t consider these two very real questions before welcoming an animal into our family:

  • Do we have the money to support their medical and psychological needs, without limitation and,
  • Do we have the appropriate foster home for them to convalesce in, one that is committed to do whatever is needed to get them ready for their new life no matter how long it takes?

In a nutshell

Looking Glass Animal Rescue (“LGAR”) is a nonprofit volunteer-based animal welfare organization dedicated to rescuing dogs from high-kill shelters, hoarding situations, puppy mills, animal fighting rings and more. While we welcome all animals in need, we specifically focus on animals that are often overlooked due to age, breed, special need, illness or injury and frequently requiring immediate, often costly medical attention that shelters are unable to provide.

Without a rescue outlet, these animals would otherwise be euthanized due to their issues. LGAR looks past these issues, seeing these animals not for what they are today, but what they can become tomorrow – healthy, happy family members with tons of love to give.