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What We Provide When You Adopt

In addition to treating their acute medical needs, every animal rescued will be spayed/neutered, if they are not already, and vaccinated and microchipped as soon as possible in an effort to give them the best opportunity for a healthy, happy life. When people do decide to foster an animal or adopt from us, they should expect the animal will remain well and not pass disease to their resident pets.

Lastly, for each animal that we place, we provide extensive education on how to transition the animal into their new life. Basics like crate training, housetraining, obedience training, and the best ways to introduce resident pets are integral for the success of the relationship. When necessary we will also engage professional trainers for those animals that need specific behavior modification in an effort to help our animals and their new family position themselves for success. Mental health is as important as physical health and we believe that every animal should be given the chance to lead a life free of fear and anxiety. Like psychologists, professional trainers are often the only ones equipped to transition an abused animal from the life that once “was” to the life that “could be”. Our goal is to ensure that all of our animals become a cherished and welcomed member of their new family for the remainder of their lives.

Available Pets

Click on the photo for more info on each Available Pet. Read each bio very carefully, as not every rescue animal is suited for every home. If you feel that a certain pet is a good match for you and your lifestyle, then complete our online application, and select your pet's name from the drop-down menu in the section, "Name of Pet You Are Applying For."

Once we receive 5 applications for a pet, we stop collecting applications for that pet, so if you see a great fit for your family in this week’s “Sneak Peek” list, please watch for the next weekly update for their available picture so you don’t miss out! Also note that our Available Pets page is updated weekly, so check back often!

If you experience any problems completing the application or you do not receive an auto confirmation for your application, please contact us. Remember, we do assist with transport (depending on location), so if a pet is at a distance from you, don’t be afraid to apply!

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Our list of available pets gets updated, so check back often!