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"I want to say that you never give up on a dog. When all the cards were stacked against our foster, you found a way to help us out time and time again. You gave us hope and life for our foster. I don't know how I will ever repay you for giving him his life. Thank you for all you do." - Jane P.

"I always thought of Looking Glass Animal Rescue as one of the most well-respected rescues I have ever seen. I've given you as a reference to a closer rescue I was going to foster cats for and really felt proud to say I foster a dog for you. Really proud." - Karen S.

"Looking Glass Animal Rescue is so amazing and there is such a need. Thank you for all you do..... I remain a supporter, a fan and hope to re-engage more regularly with my favorite rescue. You and your team are angels." - Beth W.

"I've spent some time volunteering for Looking Glass Animal Rescue. Who btw, I just love! People that put their heart and soul into saving animals are some of the nicest people I've ever met/or not met lol."  - Stacey C.

"Impressed by your amazing organization and proud that there are places out there that do things with such integrity. What a beautiful thing to be a part of. This is an organization with class, dedication, transparency, honesty, and commitment to the dogs. The focus is always on saving lives, educating owners, and being a part of the solution. So proud of this stellar group and their ability to work as a team and support others, while setting aside egos and drama. Thank you for modeling the very best rescue has to offer. The dogs are better for it." - Tara W.

"I love this group because of all the support we give to each other and you girls do an absolutely wonderful job of saving these poor animals that would never have a chance otherwise. I thank you for all that you do!" - Anonymous

"Thank you for all you do for these very sweet and worthy souls. God bless you!" - Cindy J.

"Amazing Rescue! Thank you for allowing me to always see 'Safe with LGAR' on a huge percentage of NYC ACC death row dogs!!!" - Joanne S.

"Jody, you and your team are amazing humans saving 4 legged precious souls 24/7 while also managing your 'other' lives. So many want to be able to do what you do... I am one of those and hope someday I, too, can be a warrior for rescues and follow your lead. Thank you to everyone at Looking Glass Animal Rescue." - Cindy C.

"Everyone I have dealt with has been extremely nice. We were going to adopt a puppy from them but the foster home decided to keep her. She was great and had sent my application over to the sister rescue because they had puppies available. It was nice to be given other options. When we adopt another animal we will definitely be contacting them again!" - Jessica M.

"I adopted Perry (Lydia) from LGAR he is a senior. I have looked at so many animals and rescued groups. When I saw Perry and those eyes and his story and video, I knew I had to put in my application. I liked the fact that they (LGAR) followed up and called my references and kept me informed on how Perry was doing once my application was approved. Through his surgery and being with his fosters who were wonderful doing what they did for him, I felt comfortable to adopt him as I always got updates on his recovery with surgery his eating, sleeping, going out to bathroom habits, etc. He warmed up to his brothers right away all go out together, sleep near each other. Although he likes to sleep on his blanket on floor or his bed. I try to adopt seniors as sometimes they take longer to get adopted.I like to know they get a chance to live out their senior life being loved and warm. I want to thank his foster parents for taking such wonderful care of Perry. I want to thank LGAR for all they do on finding good homes and caring so much for these wonderful animals. God Bless you and the transporters who got Perry to me safe and happy. Linda and Perry and his brothers Cheyenne, Sundance, and Dylan. LGAR is a wonderful rescue group." - Linda O.

"Thank you so much for all of your help in the adoption. The swift responses, action, and professionalism has made the process seamless and kept our anxiety to a (relatively) reasonable level. It's really been appreciated. We can't wait to meet Stella!" - Jamie and Bella