“Why do you do it? You certainly can’t save them all”, said the doubter to the Rescuer. The Rescuer replied:
You’re right, I cannot save them all. But for this one, this precious ONE, I shall move mountains. I will go without sleep; walk miles, and drive hours. I shall calm minds, heal wounds and restore trust, all the while knowing my heart is in danger.
For I hope to give you to another; healed, whole, and able to meet the world. I must give you up. I must send you forth, as there is another broken soul waiting.

Stray, Surrendered, Abused, Neglected…waiting, always another waiting.
I cannot save them all, but this one, this precious one…for this one I shall change the world.”

–Author Unknown

Jody Harris-Stern
– President and Founder


Caren Harrington
– Director of  Veterinary Care and Coordination


Jennifer Simpson
– Treasurer


Jennifer Venter
– Director of Development



Daniela Raciti
– Secretary/Director of Marketing



Sharon Kashner
– Foster/Adoption Coordinator



Jessica Schaad
-Foster/Adoption Coordinator



Lisa Mestre-Lao
– Director of Foster/Adoption Programs


Judi Walesk
-Sr. Volunteer