Our Mission

Mission: Saving the sick, injured, neglected and abandoned

Vision: Working towards the day when no companion animal is euthanized for lack of a home.

What’s in a name? A lot actually. The name was chosen because of its symbolic meaning toward our mission.

“Through the looking glass, things are not as they appear to be.”

This is never held such truth than when one looks at the many dogs in municipal shelters that are ragged, neglected, sick, injured, behaviorally challenged or otherwise “less than perfect”. Yet, when one looks past all that, what can be seen is an inner beauty just waiting to be recognized and nurtured into a healthful state. That is what we are about – taking the most unwanted of the unwanted, seeing them not for what they are but, for what they can be, dedicating the resources and the love needed to make that possibility a reality.

Guiding Principles

Authenticity – we will do what we say and will say what we do

Transparency – there are no secrets in rescue and we are committed to communicating clearly and openly in all of our relationships

Compassion – we pledge to work in collaboration with and respect toward all living beings – animal and human alike.

Integrity – we will exhibit honesty and adhere to our values and principals by choosing our thoughts, words, and actions based upon what are right not upon what is convenient.

Self-awareness – we will act with thoughtful purpose and welcome constructive feedback, acting responsively to community needs knowing that saving lives takes a village and we cannot go it alone.