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Luna (fka Bailey)
Adopted: Chelsea Gleeson and Greg Avila
"We'd been considering getting a dog but, had not yet started looking.  After visiting a friend  (Luna's foster home) for a weekend, we had a hard time parting with her.  We filled out an application the day we left and picked her up a week later.  Having come from Puerto Rico and our love of astronomy we decided to name her 'Luna' which is Spanish for 'Moon.' She loves to cuddle, chase birds, make friends and EAT EAT EAT!  She wakes us up with boatloads of kisses every morning at 7:00 AM sharp and not a minute later. She is our little alarm clock.  Adopting Luna was the best decision we have ever made."
Chelsea (Adopted October 2017)

Adopted: The Evans Family
My husband Roger and I adopted our sweet Sugar this past May 2017. Thanks to LGAR and their tender loving care for all of their rescues, we could not be more in love with her. She is such a good girl.
Hannah (Adopted May 2017)




Adopted: The Malloy Family

"Lady is ABSOLUTELY LOVED! She has transitioned well into our lives so far and is loving quality time with her Coonhound brother Wilbur and Human sister Audrianna 6 and Louisa 2. Her favorite things so far are the strolls through the huge yard/woods in and behind our house and "porky" her new porcupine, which my husband likes to point out, is actually a hedgehog!"
Brianne (January 2018)

Adopted:  The Runyon Family
“We thank you! She has a new family that will love her for a long, long time!”
Kim (Adopted June 2016)

Adopted:  The McCarron Family
“I get the best greeting from her when I get home! I adore her.”
Kylie (Adopted June 2016)

 Lily, formerly Kelly
Adopted:  The Kellogg Family
“Lilly is a wonderful addition to our home. After meeting with Lisa who was fostering Lilly aka Kelly at the time we knew she would be a great fit for our family. She is so happy and energetic.”
Jessica (Adopted June 2016)

Adopted:  The Mattison Family
“I love him so much. Thank you LGAR.”
Pam (Adopted June 2016)

Adopted:  The Yengel Family
Kimberly (Adopted June 2016)

Adopted:  The Walters Family
Kristen (Adopted May 2016)

Adopted:  The McCarron Family
Carol (Adopted May 2016)

Adopted:  The Querbes Family
Hard to believe that this little guy and his brother were living in such deplorable conditions as they were but thankfully they are both safe. Moose is doing really well in his new home and loving his new fur brother and human siblings. We are so happy to have been able to complete this family. Happy life little man.
The LGAR Team (Adopted May 2016)

 Bucc, formerly Jake
Adopted:  The Staiano Family
“He’s fitting in perfectly here! We renamed him Bucc after Matts favorite football team, the Buccaneers! He’s settling in very well; he’s such a couch potato and loves to cuddle.
We’re so happy with Bucc and we really appreciate your help in setting us up with him!”
Matt (Adopted May 2016)

Adopted:  The Besseghini Family
Colleen(Adopted May 2016)

 Baylee, formerly Scruffy
Adopted:  The Chittenden Family
“Scruffy (now Baylee) getting used to being completely spoiled! In love with our new addition to the family and have Jody and the wonderful Looking Glass to thank for it!”
Christina (Adopted May 2016)

Adopted:  The Martone Family
“Bear is settling in nicely in his new home ”
Melissa (Adopted May 2016)

Adopted:  The Morelock Family
“I am ready for you beautiful!!”
Stacey (Adopted May 2016)

Adopted:  The Wilson Family
“So happy to have this sweet guy in our family!!!”
Brandon (Adopted April 2016)

 Harley, formerly Jewel
Adopted:  The Wehling Family
“She’s snoring behind me as I type. I look at her at times and just want to cry the poor life she’s had…then I look at her and smile bc she was what we were missing. Thank you again for pulling her!!!!”
Jeanne Marie (Adopted April 2016)

Adopted:  The Owens Family
Hard to believe such a beautiful dog found himself abandoned in a shelter. Thankfully, a great foster stepped up, acting as the bridge between what was then to what could be now. And NOW, life is good. He has found himself with a wonderful family and will know love for the rest of his days. As it should be.
The LGAR Team (Adopted April 2016)

Adopted:  The Bjornson Family
Miley was in such bad shape when we got her – URI, matted, emaciated, rotten teeth, petrified. With a slow hand, love and consistency she turned into an amazing gal and because of her foster mom’s love, she has been able to find herself an amazing home. We are so happy for both Miley and her new family. Welcome to our little pack Hannah and welcome to your new life miss Miley – we can’t wait to see more pictures of your adventures!
The LGAR Team (Adopted April 2016)

Adopted:  The Morelock Family
We could not be more happy for this gorgeous girl and we can’t wait to hear about all of her adventures with her new family. Happy life baby girl-from death row (4-times) to amazing foster with Kimberly Y. and now forever home. We are so proud to have been a part of your journey and so thankful for all those who made it happen. Forever love and happiness to you and your new family.
The LGAR team (Adopted April 2016)

Adopted:  The Wood Family
“We all love her. From her car trips she know where she lives. Starts getting excited about two or three miles from here and goes into her wiggle dance when we turn the corner into our road. Yesterday I watched her dragging around an old moose bone in the front yard. For a city dog she is learning the ways of the country.”
Mary Lou (Adopted April 2016)

Adopted:  The Vilchek Family
This poor girl had a rough go after being rescued from the shelter – more than a week in the hospital for pneumonia. But her mom never stopped fighting for her. Today, she is happy, healthy and living a great life on a magnificent farm with an even more amazing family. We are simply thrilled for her.
The LGAR Team (Adopted April 2016)

 Ace, formerly Prince
Adopted:  The Delaney-Peterson Family
“The dog formerly known as Prince, known now as Ace, is loving his new home and companions! He is such a sweet boy, I couldn’t be happier.”
Jeremy (Adopted April 2016)

Adopted:  The Callahan Family
“Following 5 weeks of good medicine, delicious food, tons of toys (and hijacked sneakers), and constant hugs and love, we sent our incredible foster Jackie to her forever home today. In her wildest dreams, Jackie could not have asked for a better family than the Callahans. Indeed, parting is such sweet sorrow, but we are thrilled to have been a part of the metamorphosis of the most darling bulldog.”
Foster Mom Tracy (Adopted April 2016)

 Kobe, formerly Ace
Adopted:  The Smith Family
“Kobe is one lucky pup. He is going to an adopter that is going to spoil him rotten. Why? Well, besides the obvious…because he will be his only pet. With a big back yard and a nice neighborhood to walk around and make friends (with a dedicated dog park!) he is really in for a good life. From his dad, “Kobe the artist formerly known as Ace is doing great and seems to be comfortable so far and is enjoying his walks in the fresh air in Rochester.”
James (Adopted April 2016)

Adopted:  The Tronsino Family
Hard to believe that this beautiful young boy found himself on the To Be Destroyed list at a high kill shelter but he did. Thankfully his future adoptive mom saw him and it was love at first sight. He is now home and when we see pictures of him lounging in his new bed without a care in the world, we smile and think to ourselves how lucky we are to have been able to connect him with the most amazing new family. He will only know love from here on out.
The LGAR Team (Adopted April 2016)

 Bogie and Bowser
Adopted:  The Paine Family
It is so sad to think that after 10-years of unconditional love, these two were replaced by a “new baby”. One door closed and another opened to an amazing new life thankfully and Bogie and Bowser are now living in the lap of luxury. Pampered pooches is what they are and we are simply thrilled to have been a part of their transition.
The LGAR Team (Adopted April 2016)

Adopted:  The Williams Family
“She is doing really well. She is a great dog!! Our dogs have really hit it off and she is a sweetheart and we love her!”
Chandra (Adopted April 2016)

Adopted:  The Zonder Family
From owner surrender to forever home. We are so happy to see little Chewie blossoming with her new family.
The LGAR Team (Adopted March 2016)

 Linus, formerly Tarragon
Adopted:  The Acuff Family
“My boyfriend and I named him this because he carries his blanket around in his mouth like Linus does in Charlie Brown. He’s very, very special to us both and brings lots of joy to us, as I’m sure we do to him. He makes my day go by so fast, I can’t wait to get home to my baby.”
Dorothy (Adopted March 2016)

Adopted:  The Case Family
He is going to think he landed in nirvana. He was adopted into a rescue savvy family and will have over 5 acres of land to run and play on with his new fur and human siblings. Mamma is so excited about his joining the family and is already totally smitten. When I told her that I was going to share these first few pictures will all of his fans she said,”please do! I had no idea how magnificent he was.”. And that right there sums it up!
The LGAR Team (Adopted April 2016)

Adopted:  The Lezak Family
“We absolutely love Jake!!! Best decision we’ve made after getting married.”
Kate (Adopted March 2016)

 Little Bear
Adopted: The Krasnor Family
“We have been waiting and planning and searching for a long time to find the right dog for us and we are so happy to have found that in Little Bear!”
Leah (Adopted June 2016)

Adopted: The Hall Family
“We couldn’t bear the thought of saying goodbye so…Foster Fail!”
Carrie (Adopted June 2016)

Adopted: The Neira Family
“I wasn’t looking for another dog but when I met Bobo, it was love at first sight for both of us!”
Paula (Adopted June 2016)

Adopted: The Colabattista Family
“We love him! Thank you for everything you do!!”
Maria (Adopted June 2016)