Support our Mission

Launching a rescue is hard…and we are determined to do it right; which means that we have personally funded every aspect of our administrative and online build out BEFORE we started asking for help or pulling dogs from shelters. We didn’t just “hang up a shingle” and wing it. I can honestly say that planned out every possible scenario, making sure that we clearly defined our mission, values and vision and put together a comprehensive business plan with contingencies (which is available upon request) because we take saving lives very seriously.

Sure, rescue starts in the heart but, we also recognized the need for a well thought-out framework for operation including a robust animal and donor management program, a comprehensive website and social media program, concise and explanatory marketing collateral and importantly appropriate staffing (albeit all volunteer) and veterinary partnerships to ensure that when animals come into our care, they are given the best opportunity for a second chance at a new life. Yes, multiple months and many sleepless nights later, here we are. We are proud to say that we jumped in with our eyes wide open and while we likely didn’t think of everything, we feel pretty good that we are set up for success.

We have done as much as we can on our own and now we need your help.

In order to run an organized and sustainable operation, we need three critical things:
(1) general funding,
(2) foster caregivers and,
(3) “word of mouth” marketing.
If you can please consider helping us with any one or all (if you can) of these three things. It will mean the difference between life and death for an animal sitting alone in a shelter, waiting for their turn of fate.

Here are three ways to help right now:

Give: Your gift of any size can give an animal a second chance and even save a life. In addition to knowing that your generous donation will go toward helping an animal in need, you will also have a Paw placed on our LGAR Guardian page with your name as our sign of appreciation and recognition for your selfless gift.

Share: Help spread the word on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by sharing the news of our launch with all your contacts – don’t forget to “Like” our page and sign up for our e-newsletter!

Act: Make a face-to-face impact by becoming a Foster Caregiver. When you volunteer as a foster caregiver, you’ll help change lives…including yours!

From all of us at LGAR, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Together we can make a difference!

Jody Harris-Stern (with rescue dog Zorro)

Caren Harrington (with rescue dog Kyra)