Caren Harrington


Location: Ridgefield, CT
Job: Real Estate Salesperson
Fondest memory: Last trip to Disney World with all my children.
Proudest moment: Watching my girls graduate high school/college.
Biggest Challenge: I am just not technologically savvy. I love talking to people “in person.”

Why Looking Glass Animal Rescue: I’ve always been a dog person but rescue began for me when Ridgefield, CT built an animal shelter in 2005. As one of the earliest volunteers, I spent several years working at that local no kill shelter. It is where I found my passion and purpose. Unfortunately, I had to go back to work to help to pay for the impending college tuitions and my passion and dreams were put on hold. Advocating for animals, especially those in the NYC, is where I found myself everyday on the computer for the past couple of years. Tremendous feelings of loss, along with tears of sadness, were shed daily as the lists of the “Gone” grew larger. They were the innocent and voiceless who’s only crime was that they were homeless. Amidst the frustration born from sadness, I felt like I needed more, I could do more or that I HAD to do more. Jody and I were brought together when my advocating turned into a tribute to the death of a beautiful shelter dog named Hayes, whose life was cut short and he succumbed tragically to pneumonia. Fate intervened when the vast outreach of the internet travels only 1 mile down the road to bring advocate and rescuer together to implement change. The idea of a local, foster based rescue was conceived in a quick meeting that was only to be an hour. By the end of the 4th hour, we had a plan that would help our local Animal Control, who had limited exposure and resources. From there it grew to saving dogs languishing in smaller shelters across CT and the tri-state area. Destiny (along with my beautiful NYCACC death row survivor Kyra) brought us together to save lives. Saving lives is what we are going to do–4 paws at a time!