Jennifer Simpson


Location: Stamford, CT
Job: Accounting
Fondest memory: Living/working in Melbourne, Australia in 2008…it was the first time I was in an unfamiliar place with no family or friends, but it helped me discover my passion for travel and I haven’t stopped since!
Wildest dream: Taking a year off to travel the world
Proudest moment: Becoming a mother
Biggest Challenge: Admitting when I’m wrong!

Why Looking Glass Animal Rescue: Prior to adopting our lab/pit mix, Brodie, in 2011, my family had always purchased animals from local pet shops. I was not aware that so many animals were neglected, abused and killed for no reason. I didn’t know there were high-kill shelters and people who treated animals as objects, rather than loving them unconditionally as they should be. Brodie came to us from a “rescue” in Tennessee a few hours from his death. I came to understand this place wasn’t much of a rescue and the more research I did, the more I realized that our situation wasn’t that uncommon. I knew from that point on that animal rescue wasn’t just a hobby or something fun to do; it is about saving lives and helping the helpless. It is about speaking up for those who can’t do it themselves. I know this is my chance to do all of this and I am grateful to be in the company of so many animal lovers and rescuers who have the same goals – to give these beautiful animals a chance at living a wonderful life, free from abuse and harm, with a family who will love them forever.