Jennifer Venter


Location: Manhattan, NY
Job: Information Technology
Fondest memory: Beach trips with family
Wildest dream: Extended road/hiking trip across country
Proudest moment: Finishing a hike in Glacier National Park
Biggest Challenge: Consistent exercise routine

Why Looking Glass Animal Rescue: To me, my dogs are one of the greatest gifts I could have ever received. I am new to pet rescue and have had my eyes opened to what can happen to animals in United States and across the world. Wanting to help and care for animals though has always been in my nature. I have learned a great deal about my bully breed – about how people perceive and treat them and have misconceptions about who they are and what they do. I truly believe a dog is a reflection of their owner. I can only hope that one day the many misconceptions we still see turn into appreciation for what this breed can become. My dogs are a part of my family and I cannot imagine life any other way. I look forward to helping change misconceptions as well as helping rescue as many animals as possible who need a second chance in life.