Jody Harris-Stern


Location: Ridgefield, CT
Job: Sales and Marketing
Fondest memory: Motorcycling through Europe with my husband
Wildest dream: Saving enough money to open a sanctuary
Proudest moment: The birth of my two sons (I guess that is 2 moments!)
Biggest challenge: Trying to fit “it all” in to 24 hours

Why Looking Glass Animal Rescue: If there has been once constant in my life it has been my passion for saving animals. I was the child who always had one eye on what I was doing and the other on the lookout for an animal in need. There was no animal too big or too small and as long as I had air in my lungs, I would find a way to make life better for an animal who found themselves in a desperate situation. I was every parents’ nightmare…you never knew “what” I was coming home with after returning from a day out of the house! Having previously been a managing partner of IMAGINE pet rescue, I was able to channel that sense of purpose by participating in the rescue of many animals in need. Today, I am privileged to take that purpose even farther as the co-founder of Looking Glass Animal Rescue; building a rescue that is authentic, transparent, accountable and self-aware. I will be their voice, their strength, their courage and their comfort; I will never turn my back. I am a woman, a wife, a mother, a friend and an animal rescuer and I would not have it any other way.